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Jun 22, 2018

SuperBumper Magnum/Shield XL Review | Rear Bumper Protector/Bumper Guard

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Video Transcript:

[00:00] Hey guys, Dennis here. Hope you’re doing well. Want to do a quick video on the super bumper Magnum, uh, I’ve had this on my car for about a week and a half now. And the reason I did research, the reason why I went with this one, the reason why I went with a bumper protector at all was because I’ve actually been rear ended twice in this vehicle. Um, in about nine months. The last one was about as of this making of this video about three months ago, same road and about a mile away from each other. So I decided, you know, what, enough is enough. I need to be able to protect the back of my car. I don’t like the idea of being able to get hit whenever and not being able to protect the back of my vehicle and no matter how good of a driver I am, um, and it costing, you know, a inconvenience and frustration and annoyance and then having to drive a rental until the car’s fixed.

[00:50] So, um, this is the super bumper magnum. Now this particular bumper protector, I got for several reasons. Um, if you do any research, you’re gonna find different ones that also go into the back of a hitch, but the problems with those is they’re typically like all metal or rubber and if they get hit they’re going to bend or break and the main thing is they don’t absorb any shock or impact, which is what you would want out of a, a bumper protector as well, not just something that’s pure steel that’s going to take the impact, but also that’s going to lessen, attenuate the, the impact so that there’s less damage on your vehicle or no, no damage on her vehicle at all. So, um, I want to get to some of the specifics. Now, this is the, the Magnum version. There is a super bumper xl super bumper shield xl, which is the same proportion, roughly. It’s three eighths inch thick.

[01:51] It’s six inches high and this one is a 20 inches wide where the, uh, the shield XL is 16 inches wide. Um, at first when I was looking at it, I was thinking it was going to be too big when I was doing research before I purchased anything. I thought it might look a little crazy now, the reason I went with this one, it just simply because it was four inches wider, I wanted a little bit more, more coverage to protect the back of the vehicle. Now you can see that I have it here attached to a hitch a that I bought. Um, now the difference, the other difference between the Magnum and the xl shield remember is the smaller one is that the xl shield version goes into a one and a quarter inch hitch receiver where this one goes into a two inch hitch receiver.

[02:36] So you can see there’s a bit of an extension here, right? Um, and this is the way that I had to do it and kind of decided to do it. Um, you could probably see in the, in the video that I actually added a, an adapter here. So there’s actually two adapters. And this one right here at the top is a two inch adapter, the two inch receiver where I can put this little guy in here. And it essentially gives me four inches of rise because every hitch is usually at the bottom or the lower part of your vehicle. And I didn’t want this to be so low to the point where it wasn’t actually protecting the area that I needed to protect. So I decided to do more research I how to do a look, a bunch of stuff to see what was the best way to, um, to kind of get that together without it being too expensive or this coming out too much and that sort of thing.

[03:25] Um, and you might not be able to see it and I’ll show you a little bit more detail here, a closeup of how I have it set up and some of the features about or of the, the, the bumper protector. But there’s actually two solid rubber pieces behind this that actually absorb the impact. If someone was to hit you, which is what I wanted and to me, that makes all the sense in the world. You want something that’s going to lessen the impact in the case that you do get hit, um, you will, you know, you’re safer. Uh, which is the most important piece, but then you also lessen the chances of any damage to your vehicle. Right. And if they do hit you hard and it’s still manages to, uh, impact your, your actual bumper cover, it should be a minor damage. If you do have to get it repaired out of pocket or out of or through an insurance, it’d be a lot, a lot more quicker to do where I actually didn’t have my vehicle for two and a half months.

[04:19] I was driving a rental when I got hit three, three months ago. Um, I was actually part of a four car accident and the guy rear ended me and another guy, but I didn’t have my vehicle for two and a half months. It spent about three weeks in the, in the, uh, the shop before they actually started working on it. But with that being said, it was a high end shop that I went to and they did everything very meticulously. They had to bring it back to BMW and make sure that everything was, was set. They cut out a bunch of stuff rewelded, everything. But, um, let’s go ahead and switch up to a closer view so you can see how have things set up and we can keep touching points on some of the features and benefits of this little guy right here. So as you can see here, as I was mentioning before, you can see that there’s actual, a rubber cylindrical part right here, and there’s two of them.

[05:08] There’s one right behind here that you can’t see because of this guy, but essentially that compresses if someone was to, to, uh, to hit you or rear-end you from the back. So, um, that’s really good. So it lessens the impact and again, it protects you or your vehicle. Um, and then the passengers, um, you can see here what I was talking about as well. I have the adapted a two inch adapter here and the two inch receiver adapter that raises this entire component much higher by four inches, so that I can protect the area that, uh, that really matters where the bumper cover is. And the bumper, uh, actual bumper, the metal bumper is, um, and you can see here that actually have three, uh, three different pins or hitch pins, and these are all locking. So if it’s something that you do look into, I would recommend all the ones that you get are locking set, no one steals your, your actual bumper protector.

[06:07] And um, what I essentially had to do is of course, to get this into a hitch, you need to have the hitch installed. So I actually had to remove the lights, the rear lights and the entire bumper cover as well as the actual metal bumper, the impact far, and then it get the, the hitch installed and then put everything back together. So it took me about an hour and a half to do a with the right tools. Um, and then essentially here at the end, you’ll have the one and a quarter inch, which is typically what you’re going to have four sedan a hitch for us to Dan. Uh, I do want to mention a couple things though. Um, these hitches are all hitches I should say, have a what’s called a tongue weigh, a gross tongue weight. So this is the tongue right here, this portion where it opened up at the end of the hitch when you were typically, um, added anything that you want a bike rack or anything like that.

[07:04] Now, this went on this hitch, and probably most sedans are going to be very similar. It has a 300 pound tongue weight, meaning it can hold 300 pounds of weight, essentially suspended in the air. Now one thing to mention is that the further out that you have this, the less tongue weight it’s going to hold because you’re applying leverage. So if you have this much further out and you have more weight on it, this is actually going to hold less. And this right here is an actual adapter to. So this is, um, this portion right here, also extends inside of the the hitch, it’s about 11 inches long, this entire piece right here, and this is the one and a quarter inch to two inch receiver hitch adapter. And you needed this in order to basically install this guy right here, the one that’s 20 inches.

[07:50] And I decided to do that and that’s why I had to get a couple adapters because I could have gone with the shield xl, which fits into the one and a quarter inch. But again it was going to be, pretty much a four inches a, I guess, not as long, a little shorter, a little less wide and um, it was going to be too low for me. So I decided to go this route and I’ll put all the links in the description to basically all of these pieces. And you can see here that I actually added a, the anti rattle ’em piece right here. And that was necessary because even though everything was pretty much solid when you’re driving, you have those bumps in the road and stuff. It will, it will rattle. So I had to install this and this made all the difference right here, but I highly recommend this product.

Again, there were tons of other ones that, uh, you know, they didn’t actually look as good or didn’t have any feature where they were going to absorb any impact you can tell that if someone was to hit it it was going to break or snap and that sort of thing. So to me, this met my standards and I’m pretty particular about what I buy, um, as far as like looks and pricing and functionality, build quality and this thing is solid. It’s as solid as you think it would need to be and how it should come. So from that perspective, um, you know, I’m happy with that. Um, and I mean I highly recommend this particular product, but luckily I haven’t been hit yet and I don’t particularly think I’m going to get hit again. And one of the benefits of having something like this is that you can drive with more peace of mind.

[09:20] Um, after I got my car back I was very anxious. Um, and I would constantly look in my rear view mirror because people would like to tailgate or they’ll like to, um, drive really closely to you or you know, pull up really close at a, at a stop sign or a red light or something like that. And this people are going to see because it stands out and most people don’t have this. And then they’re going to know, okay, well if I hit this car in front of me, I’m going to get all messed up. So this is a way for you to protect yourself, to get some peace of mind and security to protect your vehicle. Um, in the case that you decide to buy a vehicle and um, and sell it in the future. This is going to ensure that you protect your asset or your vehicle because if you do get hit, then you have that accident on record.

[10:04] And then now you lowered your resale value of your vehicle. I don’t particularly mind because I plan on keeping this car, but in the case for most people. They plan to sell the vehicle or their vehicle eventually. And it’s better to, uh, to not have an accident on record. Um, so again, this gives you all the peace of mind that you need. People will stay away from if you’re, you know, um, if they’re parking next to you or behind you or something like that, it basically ensures that you have that space between vehicles. Um, and this is great for like cities where parking is limited and people like to get really close and trap you in or the lights know they’ll hit the back of your bumper, uh, or your front bumper trying to park like cities like New York and stuff like that.

[10:48] And they’ll have different, some cars will have it, the rubber mat that extends out of the trunk and the trunk lid closes over it and it’s kind of hangs out out here. But, um, uh, something like this would do way, way better at protecting your, your, your bumper. So I recommend this in very highly, um, again, I have a peace of mind when I’m driving now and I don’t worry about those guys that like to tailgate on highways or trying to get too close when I’m at a stoplight, uh, just because I know if I do get impacted, this is going to absorb everything. Um, and I’ll be, I’ll be all right. So, um, I do recommend this. I’ll put the links again in to the description so you can see where to get this guy and the adapters and all the, the hitch, the hitch adapters, and um, the locking, the locking pins as well as the anti-rattle hitch.

[11:41] And the, just so you know, um, the hitch that actually got is from Curt and that costs me about 120 bucks on Amazon. For everything here you see it costed me about $450 to get this installed the way that it is. Um, but I, you know, to me it’s worth it because I’ve already got rear ended twice and I just needed to say, you know what, enough is enough. I need to protect, you know, the, the back of my car. And I recommend that because it doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, if you’re at a stop sign or a red light or someone’s tailgating, you know, that’s not your fault and they’re going to do damage to your car. Now you have to deal with the police report, insurance and finding a place to get your car fixed and then waiting for rental and all that stuff. So it’s just highly inconvenient and it just sucks overall. So again, I highly recommend this product. I’ll put the links in the description and then let me know if you have any questions or any comments. Um, and we will go from there. I’ll try to help you guys out, but hope you enjoyed the video. Hope you got something out of that and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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Hi! Can you please help me with a protection like that for my honda pilot 2018. Thank u

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