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Apr 13, 2015

4 Hours Per Day

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I want you to think about this for a minute. When was the last time you devoted 4 hours/day to consistently to something? When you think about that, the next thought that comes up if you haven’t devoted that amount of time of anything is, “what do I even love to do enough that I could even commit to? I watched a video a few days ago that spawned this topic. I of course had to ask myself the same question. We generally know some things we are interested in but if we do not become clear about what it is we enjoy doing, would like to do long-term, what are our natural strength zones, and would could provide us with the lifestyle and fulfillment we are looking for, then we are walking down the long path of mediocrity and ineffectiveness.

This is a very revealing question and it is something to reflect on heavily. Until you know what is important enough to you to devote resources to on a daily basis in order to master the craft, you will be missing out on the fulfillment that comes from doing something you love and are passionate about. You will also be setting yourself up for failure long-term. There are only a handful of things we are usually interested in enough to invest any time or money into and even fewer that we can commit to mastering and practicing long-term.

These are precisely what you should figure out as soon as possible. This world runs off of specialized people with specialized skill sets and so not being in your strength zones at all times will ensure you swim with the sharks. Once you determine exactly what you are passionate about and what you can see yourself devoting to long-term, the next step is to study your area every single day no matter what. Commit to spending time to learning and developing daily and begin the journey to mastery. If it in fact is something you enjoy doing and receive satisfaction from it, it won’t even feel like work. You will find this is when you are most at peace with yourself, when you are most productive, and when you are most effective.

Knowing exactly what to spend time on daily allows you to slip into your innate creativity and passion that draws new ideas, solves problems, and creates the results you are looking for. Create a workflow to your day where you can spend time in the areas most important that you wish to grow in. This should be routine to you so that you can be consistent. Once the habit is created, you are golden. Successful people create habits out of doing daily what they know will get them the results they are working for.

No longer will you have time to waste on menial things and you won’t want to do anything until your daily tasks you set for yourself are complete so that nothing gets in the way. Structure is key. I personally realized that when you’ve gotten your daily structure set, you then see there is actually much to do every day and there aren’t many periods of boredom or confusion about what you should be doing.

To give you an idea of a structured day, this is my routine:

– I pray right when I get out of bed
– I meditate for 15-20 minutes
– I read my list of things I am grateful for & my affirmations
– I listen to 30 – 60 minutes of self-development audio or video
– I read 30 minutes from a self-development book
– I write a blog post/record a podcast/record a video for content
– I write a journal entry at night recording progress, breakthroughs, thoughts, & ideas

I do this everyday in that order just for my mental/spiritual growth.
I also have a daily routine for my physical growth and nutrition goals.
You should have an action routine for each area of your life you wish to develop.

At the end of the day, everything comes down to your habits. You either have habits that serve you or habits that don’t. I encourage you to be more conscious of what you do or don’t daily that will affect your long-term goals. We are all responsible for ourselves.

Check out the video I’m talking about below:

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