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May 13, 2015

We Cause Our Own Dis-eases

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This is a very powerful video. I only promote other content that I really connect with and this video definitely has a message that I hold to be true. I believe in everything he says and it’s the first time I’ve run into someone who is speaking exactly what I think on a topic shockingly to the tee. I believe this is the truth as to why there is so much sickness in our society and why it is increasing rapidly but most importantly, the change in mentality, beliefs, and approach necessary to live a fruitful and healthy life.

I absolutely believe that you can heal yourself from anything. Doctors only know what they’ve read in books. They are limited by what they’ve been taught to know and think and so can’t possibly know anything about what they haven’t been allowed to learn about. Let me ask you a question. Who wrote those books? No one is the authority over your body and health but you. Our bodies are a part of nature yet all of the “solutions” don’t utilize any natural methods. Only you can change your reality and all reality begins in your mind. Understanding the power that you have over yourself is crucial.

We are so far removed from ourselves and our nature that the norm is to seek everything we want outside of ourselves.

Changing Reality By Changing Your Truth

Everything that you own and see around you that is man-made was a reality in the mind of the the creator – the phone you have, the car you drive, the home you live in, the TV on your wall, and the clothes you wear. It was all seen in the mind first.  This means that you too can create and change reality. I believe developing your mind and finding yourself and your natural power is the most critical and fundamental piece of living. Understanding that the society we live in breeds negativity, worry, stress, sickness, confusion, and doubt is vital. So at some point, you have to learn to disconnect from that so it doesn’t effect you and you can then find the truth and the happiness in yourself. You are in the world but not of this world.

That is something we so easily forget. Why? Well, because these truths are not integrated into our society and upbringing. Understanding this however, is the beginning of the freedom you are looking for. Understanding this allows you to break free of the game and remove the major stresses in your life as these external issues cause internal problems.

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