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May 13, 2018

The Only Thing That Holds You Back: Daily Action

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There are no secrets. The only secret is that you haven’t been working. If we haven’t produced any of the results we desire, it’s either because we are either doing the wrong things or not doing anything at all. Have you ever thought about how many things you do every day without thinking about them? We eat, drink, use the rest room, brush our teeth, put clothes on, shower, drive. We do all these things to the point where they are done subconsciously or on autopilot. It’s interesting how we can do these necessary things daily and consistently with little-to-no brainpower and we don’t question whether or not they are necessary. The mental ping pong is not there. It doesn’t matter how busy we are or how tired we are, we brush our teeth every morning. It doesn’t matter how we feel, we put clothes on to leave the house.

However, when it comes to being consistent and sticking to daily action tasks, the mind kicks in and the excuses begin. I believe the main goal should be to get to the point where you can do the required daily tasks associated with the goals you have as consistently as you brush your teeth. We should strive to get to the point where there is no mental battle with consistency. Those important tasks should be a part of our lifestyle and daily routine without question.

The interesting part about having daily actions is that it means you have decided what things are specifically important to you and it means that you have established the ability to tell yourself what to do. This is crucial and it is fundamentally the issue that people have. When given the ability to tell themselves what to do, it’s a struggle because it’s easier to do what someone else tells you to do.

A Day Missed Is A Day Gone

All of the results we want lie in what we do daily. “Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally”. Having intentional, daily tasks that you need to stick to gives your days purpose. For the most part, work governs peoples’ time and their days have no intention other than to go to work. Therefore, years pass by and very little progress or accomplishment is ever made. There is a compounding effect in doing the right things every single day. The longer you stick to your daily tasks the better you feel and the easier it becomes to stick to your grind.

If you began walking from Key West, Florida to New York City, the only thing that will get you there is to consistently walk in the right direction every day. In this example, time is not the determining factor of whether you will make it to New York City. It is a fact that you will get there eventually. Consistency is the determining factor because it is a fact that if you stop walking, you’ll never make it.

Every day provides another opportunity for us to get closer to accomplishing those important goals. These are opportunities that should not be wasted as we will never have the ability to reap the potential benefits of having worked towards our goals on those days. A missed day is another day you stay right where you are and you postpone your results another day. Life is about pursuit and the chase is run one day at a time.

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