Apr 24, 2015

Best Explanation of The Law of Attraction

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I’ve studied the Law of Attraction for quite some time now and usually it’s difficult to promote something that you haven’t had a personal experience with. What causes confusion on this particular topic is that it’s basically left to interpretation and everyone has their own way of explaining it and applying it. Out of many well-known individuals that I have learned from regarding this particular topic, Abraham Hicks is hands-down the real deal. If you want to know all about the Law of Attraction, this is the one and only source you should go to.

I’ve heard of many entrepreneurs attribute their success to individual mentors or books they’ve read. Up until I began to learn about the Law of Attraction specifically from Abraham Hicks, not only did I not understand it or feel like I had a clear way of applying it in my life but I hadn’t felt like I had any major change in my life that I could attribute to some type of information I had learned previously.

I spent months listening to audios everyday from Abraham Hicks until the application made sense and I started to see small but noticeable changes in myself and a conscious effort to control my thoughts and emotions so that I could maintain a positive vibration and emotions to change my point of attraction. It wasn’t until I began actively implementing mental changes that I realized I had a very bad habit. I don’t know where it came from but even until today, I feel it creeping up in different situations and I have to catch myself. I noticed that automatically and immediately when I think about a situation, I see how it could go wrong. I would get pictures, monologue, and visualizations of how I would respond if that particular situation went wrong. It’s like I was always making a scenario where I would have to fight or argue or be prepared for the likelihood of the situation turning out to be negative. Although I take responsibility for it, I know this came from growing up being used to having my ideas, goals, and efforts rejected or dismissed by family and society.

Now I have this engrained habit that I have to constantly change. A major part of attracting what you want is to visualize it as it having happened already. When things are going right for a long time, there is a pattern. Likewise, when they are going wrong for years, there is a pattern. This is important to understand. I had a mental pattern that I would not even realize I fell into that would continue to create the same results time and time again.

If you don’t believe your mind controls your body, emotions, and your circumstances, I’d like you to try a simple experiment. Sit for 2-3 minutes and think of a time when you had a major argument or physical fight with someone. Who was it you were fighting with? What were you fighting about? Remember what you were wearing, where you were, and what that other person said to you as well as what you said back. Play the whole scene back in your mind. Were there people watching? They definitely did something or said something to you that pissed you off right? Remember how pissed off you were. If you spent a few minutes replaying that back in your mind and put yourself back in the situation, you could feel yourself getting angry again and your heart beating faster even though your situation could have happened many years ago.

If you didn’t do the experiment, maybe you’ve felt what I’m talking about when you are explaining an argument you had with your significant other to a best friend of yours. When you are explaining what happened in detail, you get pissed off all over again even though you may have already fixed the argument with your partner.

Anyhow, listen to this audio in its entirety. You will get a ton of value from it and you will hear concepts you’ve never heard before, I’m sure.

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